iTouchdown and iTouchdown Lite 1.7.3 are now available for both the iPhone™ and iPad™ on the App Store!

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  1. 1.Start by adding teams using the Teams manager.

  2. 2.Next, add a game using the Games manager. Tap the newly created game and start scoring!

  3. 3.Create plays by tapping one of the four main buttons: Kick, Rush, Pass, Penalty

  4. 4.Specify the result of the play, where the ball was downed, and players involved (if you wish to track individual stats)

  5. 5.Flip the field by swiping across the field.

  6. 6.To manually adjust down, distance, quarter, timeouts, etc. tap the buttons at the top. Change possession by tapping one of the helmets. Start/stop the clock by taping the timer in the middle.

  7. 7.At any point, you can check instant stats by tapping the Stats or Leader buttons.

  8. 8.The Plays button allows you to view, edit and delete events.

  9. 9.The Drives button allows you to view drive summaries.

  10. 10.The Email button (at the top) allows you to email stats for this game.

  11. 11.To import a team, create a CSV file using a text editor or Excel in the following format:

Line 1: Team Name

Line 2: Team Abbreviation (max 3 letters)

Lines 3+: Player Number, Player Name


Philadelphia Eagles


7,Michael Vick

10,DeSean Jackson

25,LeSean McCoy

NOTE: If creating in Excel, put the Player Number and Player Name in columns A & B and then Save As a CSV file. Excel will insert the commas.

  1. Email the CSV to your iPhone/iPad

  2. “Tap and hold” the attachment in the email app.

  3. Select the button labeled: Open in “iTouchdown”


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